Social Welfare Organization Sri Lanka (SWO)

SWO is formally registered charity organization on the 01st Nov, 1999. Child sponsors, educating underprivileged and unemployed youths, and assisting local community via small projects which will facilitate to create productive citizens are the goals of our organization.

Registered as a Charitable Organization under Act.No.31 of 1980 and as amended by Act.No.8 of 1998 – Regd. No.DS/MS/02/RSO/23 dated Nov.01,1999 and Regd. No BT/RVSS/2013/01 – District Government

Agent dated Feb. 27, 2013.

Founded By: Mr.K.Satguneswaran in 1996

Objectives of the Charity

Socio-economic progression and peaceful coexistence of specific target population through skills and competency development program which is systemic, employment focused and nationally recognized Technological and Vocational  Education and Training approach accordingly,

  1. Provide education and to prevent poverty to the children who lost their parents due to the civil war in Sri Lanka.
  2. Turning out unskilled  in any occupation is turned into skilled and competent in employable occupation for livelihood earning.

Expected ultimate outcome of the project:  

The state of socio economic developed community, Providing better health and education to the next generation and Contribute to the economic development of the country.